Bota Bio and NHU Announce Successful Commercialization of Collaborative Biomanufacturing Project

25 June 2024 | Tuesday | News

Strategic Partnership Leverages Bota Bio’s Full-Stack Strain Development Platform and NHU’s Chemical Production Expertise to Accelerate Sustainable Industrial Biotech Solutions
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Bota Bio, a global industrial biotechnology company specializing in sustainable biomanufacturing solutions, and NHU, a global leader in the fine chemical industry, have announced the successful commercialization of their first collaborative project and the establishment of a strategic partnership to cooperate in the field of biomanufacturing. This alliance, rooted in NHU's dedication to innovation and Bota Bio's proprietary full-stack strain development platform, aims to rapidly and efficiently translate cutting-edge biotechnological achievements into industrial value.


As an industrial biotechnology company, Bota Bio has developed end-to-end technical capabilities from bio-computation and design to high-throughput screening, laboratory-scale validation, process optimization, pilot scale-up, and industrial production. Leveraging NHU's extensive production experience in specialty chemicals, the collaboration has fully harnessed platform technologies, achieving the optimization and screening of industrial fermentation strains. Together, they have developed a new generation of industrial production strains with higher production efficiency and successfully implemented them in commercial production setting. To date, this project has generated substantial economic benefits for both entities, with expectations for continued growth.

This partnership not only witnesses the application and successful commercialization of Bota Bio's biomanufacturing technology from the laboratory to industrial production, but also underscores the ongoing collaboration with NHU to further advance the adoption of cutting-edge biotechnology in the industrial setting. Together, they are committed to leveraging their combined strengths to introduce more environmentally sustainable products and solutions to the market.


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