Körber Launches Biometric Partner Program to Speed Up Pharma Manufacturing Identification

04 July 2023 | Tuesday | News

The newly launched PAS-X K.ME-IN partner program provides Werum PAS-X MES customers with an out-of-the-box interface for the use of biometric authentication technology. Together with partners this enables 50 percent faster identification times while ensuring only authorized personnel can access the Manufacturing Execution System (MES). With Integral Biometrics and obion (formerly i.p.a.s.-systeme), two strong partners have already joined the program.

Körber’s Werum PAS-X MES Suite digitally controls, monitors, and documents the manufacturing process in real-time. The PAS-X K.ME-IN solution supports unique biometric authentication such as iris scan, face recognition, fingerprint or a combination of those before granting access to users. This eliminates the cumbersome process of entering usernames, passwords or PIN codes. As a result, the time needed to log in to PAS-X MES is significantly reduced, and providing electronic signatures becomes a lot easier.

“Werum PAS-X K.ME-IN offers a convenient, user-friendly, and tamper-proof solution for an efficient system interaction in the life sciences production environment,” says Lars Hornung, Senior Principal Alliances & Technology Partners Software, Körber Business Area Pharma.

“Integral Biometrics and obion are two strong partners that recently received the ‘Ready’ level of our PAS-X K.ME-IN partner certification program. Our collaborative efforts are focused on providing our customers with innovative authentication solutions for the future of pharmaceutical production. These cutting-edge technologies not only enhance compliance and data security but also ensure a user-friendly experience,” adds Hornung.

Integral Biometrics provides two options that customers can use to log into Werum PAS-X MES: the At-a-Glance™ and At-a-Touch™ login methods can authenticate users at any workstation via cost-effective iris sensors within two seconds or via fingerprint recognition systems, respectively. With that solution customers work password free, touch free, fast and friction free.

“In life, our eyes can be our keys to trust. With Integral’s iris biometrics and authentication automation platform, we offer a natural interaction with manufacturing systems eliminating passwords and simplifying work. This is no longer the stuff of science fiction; our goggled, gowned, and gloved customers are now benefitting from using this accessible technology through PAS-X K.ME-IN,” says Marc Diament, CEO, Integral Biometrics.

LogOnPlus from obion is a solution for logical access to various business applications. It has been productive in the pharma and biopharma industries since 2014. It can use existing identification infrastructure such as RFID readers or employee badges currently in place. With its newest release 5.2, LogOnPlus also supports biometric methods such as the Freevolt™ S-Key fingerprint secured RFID card or iris scan.

“With the integration of biometrics for secure user identification and authentication, LogOnPlus has taken a big step forward: Now also completely password-less and biometrically verified logins are possible, increasing the time saved by using LogOnPlus even further. Our technology partnership with Körber ensures maximum interoperability and so maintains the simplicity of installation, configuration and operation of LogOnPlus,” says Ralf Kühnel, Business Development Manager, obion.

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