Sanyou ,KangaBio to accelerate antibody drug development and innovation

29 August 2022 | Monday | News

Recently, Sanyou Biopharmaceuticals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Sanyou) and Shanghai KangaBio Co., Ltd. (KangaBio) have reached an antibody drug licensing agreement, regarding a proprietary monoclonal antibody drug developed by Sanyou, which grants KangaBio an exclusive license to exploit the antibody for research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of immunotherapy products.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

KangaBio, as a rising star biotechnology company, is committed to developing innovative prodrugs and providing innovative medicine to address unmet clinical needs. While Sanyou is a biological high-tech company focusing on innovative antibody drugs R&D services. Based on the two companies' respective strengths and industry resources, Sanyou and KangaBio will work together to contribute to the development of innovative prodrugs for immunotherapy.

Previously, KangaBio and Sanyou reached a collaboration agreement on two monoclonal antibody drugs developed by Sanyou and signed high-level term sheet. In addition to the license transfer of drug candidates, the two companies have also successively reached to collaborative development, commissioned R&D, technical services and other forms of staged R&D collaboration. Sanyou fully exploits its 6 types of one-stop innovative antibody drug integrated services, 11 types of flexible and adaptable antibody drug R&D staged technical services and 11 types of diverse antibody generation featured services to fully support the drug development of KangaBio.

Dr. Weidong Jiang, founder and CEO of KangaBio, said, "We are looking forward to this collaboration. KangaBio is committed to developing low toxicity and high efficacy immuno-agonists and innovative prodrugs of multi-specific antibodies. This strategic partnership with Sanyou is expected to utilize the advantages of Sanyou's internationally leading innovative antibody drug development and value transformation platform, to further enrich KangaBio's innovative product pipeline, to accelerate the R&D of our innovative antibody drugs and to address unmet clinical needs."

Dr. Guojun Lang, founder and CEO of Sanyou, said, " We are extremely honored to collaborate with KangaBio again. During the past numerous collaborations, Sanyou has saved valuable time with the pre-clinical drug R&D for KangaBio, owing to the comprehensive innovative drug development system and rich industrialization experiences. The close collaboration also demonstrates the strong complementary character of our business layout. We look forward to more in-depth communication and collaboration with KangaBio in the future and wish that this collaboration will bring benefits to the development of KangaBio. Sanyou and Kanga will team up to accomplish remarkable achievements.

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