Singapore cord blood bank Cryoviva establishes footprint in the UAE

27 July 2021 | Tuesday | News

Builds on a strong foundations in Singapore to help families in Dubai and the UAE benefit from the growing interest and acceptance of cord component storage for possible stem cell treatments later on. Many families in the UAE have opted to store their baby's cord blood in Cryoviva's facility in Singapore.

Family cord blood bank Cryoviva Singapore is pleased to announce that it has made a successful foray into the UAE market in line with its strategic growth plans. After 7 years of serving young families in Singapore, the expansion into Dubai and the other Emirates in the UAE is an important milestone for Cryoviva.

"This is an important step in our journey, fulfilling our mission to give every family the chance to benefit from the medical potential of cord stem cells should they need it. That we have been able to attract young families in the UAE to trust us with their baby's precious cord blood is not only a testament to our credentials as a company, but also to Singapore's reputation for world-class facilities and strict adherence to high-quality standards. We invite healthcare providers offering maternity services to collaborate with us to provide even greater service to their valued patients," said Rajesh Nair, CEO of Cryoviva Singapore.

"While we continue with our growth efforts in several other countries - both in the ASEAN region as well as in the Middle East, I would also like to reiterate our commitment to serving families in Singapore. We believe that there is still considerable potential for family cord blood banking services to grow in a developed and discerning market like Singapore. We also look forward to contributing to further our city's position as a great destination to avail of world-class healthcare services."


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