Fapon Unveils High-Throughput Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

26 July 2023 | Wednesday | News

Fapon, a global leading life sciences company, has announced the launch of its latest chemiluminescence immunoassay system Shine i8000/9000 to global markets at the 2023 AACC exhibition. The high-speed and fully automated analyzer has an ultra-high throughput of 900 tests per hour, and will empower its partners to build premium clinical diagnostic solutions.

According to Mr. Kevin Liu, Global Sales Director of Fapon, "The Shine i8000/9000 Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer boasts an extraordinary testing performance and tackles the increasing needs of laboratories. The launch of the Shine i8000/9000 marks the company's comprehensive layout in the high, medium, and low-throughput platforms for chemiluminescence instruments. By leveraging the fundamentals of IVD technology, Fapon integrates its one-stop solution on raw materials, reagents and open instruments services to further innovate the clinical diagnostic solutions for its IVD partners."

Efficient and Precise Solution

To meet the urgent need for high-throughput testing instruments, the Shine i8000/9000 is designed to provide efficient and intelligent solutions for medium to large-sized laboratories, including medical centers, third-party medical laboratories, large-scale physical examination centers, and animal disease control centers. The system delivers preliminary results within 10 minutes, has a testing speed of 900 tests per hour, and boasts a high throughput footprint of 377 tests/hour/m2. It enables laboratories to improve the throughput rates with trusted accuracy. Additionally, a wide range of interfaces enables 1-4 units to be connected online, reaching a speed of up to 3,600 tests per hour. Furthermore, the system supports connection to other instruments, allowing for a shortened sample turnover time to greatly improve laboratory efficiency.

Intelligent and Compact Design

The Shine i8000/9000 features an integrated and compact design with stable performance, offering a more user-friendly and accessible operation experience. It includes a 360-degree large-span rocker arm display for easy viewing from any angle and a separate washing shield for more convenient maintenance. The system supports bulk loading of reaction cups with a one-touch loading mechanism, features a dual-tubes backup substrate system and automatic disposal of reaction cups to reduce contamination.

The Shine i8000/9000 is now available in most countries globally.

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