Vivante Health Expands Product Suite to Include the GIMate

12 June 2021 | Saturday | News

Vivante Health, the leader in digital medicine for digestive health and disease, proudly announces the GIMate, a first-of-its-kind handheld breath hydrogen monitor. The GIMate device is the newest addition to GIThrive, Vivante's all-in-one digestive health program for employers and health plans. The GIMate, alongside the holistic GIThrive program, helps to identify the root elements of your gut health by determining how your hydrogen levels, food choices, and GI signs interact.


The GIMate harnesses the same technology used by the top digestive health clinics in the world. The tool measures hydrogen concentration in the breath when a user blows into it. GIThrive members work with their Care Team to develop a personalized health plan based on their GIMate data in order to start feeling their best.


The GIMate was tested in a pilot program with 31 participants over a 5-week period. Participants had at least weekly signs and at least 1.5 diagnoses. Of the 31 participants, 87% improved their digestive signs, 84% felt healthier, 81% identified sign triggers, and 84% now better understand their digestive health.

"Pairing the GIMate with the entirety of the GIThrive program creates a multidimensional approach to improve health outcomes for our members. We are thrilled to now offer this novel device as part of our offering to tackle the largest problem in healthcare - digestive disease. At Vivante Health we place fees at risk to achieve validated outcomes for our members, and this breakthrough helps support that ongoing commitment." Vivante Health's CEO Bill Snyder shared.

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