The first AXA Medical Centre officially unveils

13 September 2022 | Tuesday | News

Partnering with EC Healthcare to offer one-stop health management services
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

AXA and EC Healthcare today (8 September) held the "AXA Medical Centre Unveiling and AXA Hong Kong and EC Healthcare MOU Signing Ceremony", pledging to work together to provide professional, quality, and hassle-free one-stop health management services to AXA customers in the future. Under the partnership, the first AXA Medical Centre was unveiled today at the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay. Together with the AXA designated Endoscopy and Day Surgery Centre in Central, it will officially start operating in November this year.

Sally Wan, Chief Executive Officer of AXA Greater China, said, "AXA Medical Centre marks a major milestone for us in delivering exceptional health management services to our customers, providing our customers with all-round care across their life stages. The centre, offering comprehensive one-stop health management services spanning prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, not only enhanced AXA's health management ecosystem but also brought to life our ongoing commitment to become a lifelong partner to our customers. AXA and EC Healthcare share the same vision of improving our customers' holistic wellness. Through this partnership, we can bring an exclusive, innovative, and personalised healthcare experience beyond insurance to our customers leveraging our combined strength."

Leslie Lu, Executive Director and Co-CEO of EC Healthcare, said, "We are honoured to partner with AXA, a leading global insurer. With the belief that prevention is better than cure, our Group is committed to preventive and precision medicine. We hope to provide customers with accessible and affordable quality healthcare services. EC Healthcare and AXA will work together to bring health, beauty, and happiness to everyone by providing safe, effective, and customer-first one-stop health management services at the AXA Medical Centre."

One-stop exclusive health management services with seasoned healthcare professionals for AXA customers

The first AXA Medical Centre, jointly set up by AXA and EC Healthcare, is located at the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay. The 5,000-plus-square-feet centre offers services such as preventive medicine, body checks, vaccinations, and nutritional counselling with support from on-site medical professionals including radiographers, general practitioners, Chinese medicine practitioners as well as dieticians. AXA Medical Centre provides various body check services such as chest and abdominal X-rays, ultrasound scans, gynaecological examination, electrocardiogram (ECG), and exercise ECG with over 10 body examination rooms. Other services include allergy tests, non-invasive genetic screening tests for colorectal cancer, and all pre-insurance health screening for AXA customers.

AXA Medical Centre aims to provide one-stop hassle-free comprehensive health management services to our customers. Should AXA customers' check-ups reveal that further medical examinations or treatments be required, they will be referred on spot to specialists to save waiting time.

AXA and EC Healthcare will further deepen our collaboration going forward. We hope to set up additional medical centres and expand service scope in other core business districts or residential areas in the future.

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