Veeva Pulse Shows Digitally Enabled Field Teams are Using HCP Time More Effectively in Asia Pacific

08 December 2022 | Thursday | News

HCP Access is selective as nearly half meet with only one company monthly
Figure 1 | HCP Selectivity 30-Day Average

Figure 1 | HCP Selectivity 30-Day Average

 Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced findings from the latest Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report, the largest global industry benchmark of its kind on healthcare professional HCP engagement. Asia Pacific data shows that HCP access is limited and the growth of omnichannel engagement, across digital channels is driven by reps building effective relationships through use of relevant content.

"Veeva Pulse data shows digitally enabled sales reps are using HCP time more effectively than those who continue to use only in-person interactions," said Shafi Hussain, Veeva Asia business consulting lead. "Over the last few years there has been a shift to digital as the benefits are clear that combining in-person and digital interactions drive better outcomes. APAC data shows that the addition of video increases the duration and frequency of meetings for more meaningful engagement."

Veeva Pulse data in Asia Pacific show that:

  • HCPs are more selective: About 80% of accessible HCPs limit meetings to three or fewer companies. Nearly 50% of accessible HCPs limit meetings to only 1 company (Figure 1).
  • HCP access is driven by expanding omnichannel engagement: While in-person engagement made up 77% of the channel mix in APAC this quarter, digital channels, such as videos and emails, grew to 18% this quarter. The region incorporated more chat or text messages into its channel mix compared to other regions, representing 2% of total activity.
  • Content utilization accelerates: Content usage in video meetings increased by 10%, while in-person content utilization reached up to 59% by the end of the quarter.
  • Digital engagement resulted in longer and more frequent HCP meetings: Use of digital channels gains approximately 67% more HCP meetings for reps. This also results in longer meeting durations with a 30% increase in Australia, 105% increase in Korea and 57% increase in Singapore when comparing in-person only interactions with hybrid interactions.

Figure 2 | HCP Quarterly Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) Duration
Figure 2 | HCP Quarterly Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) Duration


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