Veeva introduces new ePRO app for faster access to patient data

20 October 2022 | Thursday | News

Veeva ePRO Simplifies Collection and Exchange of Patient-Reported Results in Digital Clinical Trials
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Veeva Systems  announced the availability of Veeva ePRO, a key advance in patient-centric digital trials. The app makes it easier for patients to complete assessments on a mobile device or web browser and provides real-time data access for sponsors and clinical research sites. As part of a connected clinical trials platform, study teams can use ePRO to exchange high-quality data across the clinical ecosystem to improve transparency and collaboration.

According to research sites, the main challenges to patient retention are the time it takes to participate in a trial, repetitive requests for information, and the time spent entering data.1 Veeva ePRO enhances the patient experience by providing a modern, user-friendly application to populate patient-reported results (PROs).

The app also helps streamline trial activities for sponsors and research sites. Sponsors can set up studies using survey libraries and instruments, and pass ePRO and calendar definitions to research sites. Research sites can then easily assign activities, automatically receive updates, and track patient progress without the need for additional systems or applications.

"Veeva ePRO is designed to meet the needs of patients, sites and sponsors, and is connected for end-to-end execution," said Tim Davis, vice president of strategy, MyVeeva for Patients at Veeva. "We are committed to partnering with our customers to deliver modern digital applications that help the life sciences industry advance to patient-centric digital trials."


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