AdAlta and Carina Biotech to develop next-generation CAR-T cancer therapeutics

25 August 2021 | Wednesday | News

AdAlta and Carina Biotech enter a collaboration agreement to develop i-body enabled CAR-T cancer immunotherapies against up to five solid tumour antigen targets

Combining Carina’s advanced CAR-T platform technologies with AdAlta’s i-body targeting capability aims to create unique, next-generation bi-specific CAR-T cells

• Significant market potential with cellular immunotherapies market forecast to grow at 20% per year.1

• Agreement delivers on AdAlta's corporate strategy and contributes to the goal of having 5 pipeline products by end CY2021


AdAlta Limited (ASX:1AD) and Carina Biotech Pty Ltd have entered a collaboration agreement to develop next-generation i-body enabled CAR-T cells, with the potential to bring CAR-T cell therapy to treat a far greater range of cancers than the small number of blood cancers that has been achieved today. CAR-T cell therapy is a fast-emerging form of cancer therapy that modifies a patient's immune system to recognise and attack cancer cells that have resisted standard treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

AdAlta’s CEO, Dr Tim Oldham commented, “We believe that by combining our i-bodies with Carina's world-class CAR-T platform, we can make this important new therapeutic approach accessible to more patients and a greater range of cancers than is possible today. We are well past the starting line, having worked previously on the first two targets selected for our collaboration, and with Carina on one of these.”

Carina’s CEO, Dr Deborah Rathjen commented, “This collaboration with AdAlta gives us the capability to generate bi-specific CAR molecules and then next-generation CAR-T cell products with enhanced cancer targeting and efficacy – something we are very excited about. The collaboration is off to a great start with Carina having already successfully inserted an AdAlta i-body into a CAR-T cell with functional cancer killing capability.

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