Waters Launches HPLC/UPLC-MALS Integration Software for Advanced Biologic Drug Characterization

29 February 2024 | Thursday | News

Waters Announces Seamless HPLC/UPLC Data Bridge for Light Scattering, Integrating Essential Instruments for Large Molecule Characterization

At Pittcon 2024, Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) unveiled the HPLC CONNECT software, a comprehensive software solution designed to facilitate seamless digital synchronization between Waters’ high- and ultra-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC/UPLC) systems and multi-angle light-scattering instruments (MALS) from its Wyatt Technology™ portfolio. This innovative software is set to revolutionize size exclusion chromatography and MALS (SEC-MALS) analyses for biopharmaceutical research, focusing on the development of complex and critical biopharmaceuticals such as antibody drug conjugates, complex protein conjugates, and gene therapies.

Fraser McLeod, Vice President, General Manager, QA/QC and Wyatt Technology, Waters Corporation, emphasized the significance of this integration for drug development scientists working with novel modalities. "The team delivered this product integration ahead of schedule, significantly simplifying the characterization of complex molecules – a crucial step in the development of biologics. Waters HPLC CONNECT software not only reduces the labor involved but also minimizes the risk of human error, ensuring unparalleled confidence in the data generated during analysis."

HPLC CONNECT software is compatible with select Waters™ LC systems, including the ACQUITY™ Premier, Arc Premier, and Arc Systems. It offers a comprehensive dashboard for controlling and monitoring HPLC modules such as pumps, column ovens, UV detectors, and autosamplers, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Waters' portfolio includes a full line of SEC columns optimized for the separation of biomolecules by size, making them ideal for analyzing monoclonal antibodies, proteins, peptides, and other biologics.

The HPLC CONNECT software is now available globally, marking a significant milestone for Waters Corporation in its commitment to advancing the field of biopharmaceutical research and development.

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