Frontage Expands Early Drug Discovery Services through the Acquisition of Heyan Biotech

09 September 2021 | Thursday | News

Frontage Shanghai announced the acquisition of 70% equity interest in Wuhan Heyan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. ("Heyan Biotech")

Heyan Biotech, located in Wuhan Optics Valley, national biotech industry base, provides for target based in vitro pharmacodynamic screening and early pharmacological pharmacodynamic evaluation services in early drug discovery. Technical capabilities include screening of drug targets, customized biological assay development and detection services.

The Heyan team has been deeply engaged in the biological CRO industry for many years, consistently adhering to the customer value orientation, win-win cooperation and helping new drug research and development.

Dr Song Li, Chairman and CEO of Frontage, said: "Heyan Biotech mainly provides drug discovery services such as drug activity screening and kinase function test, it has established close research collaborations with many innovative drug companies, well-known universities and scientific research institutes. Its technology platforms as well as talents could effectively complement the existing service lines of Frontage. Based on the existing testing services, Heyan Biotech will focus on expanding the application of SPR technology, Protac technology, ion channels, GPCR targets, intracellular kinase binding evaluation and high connotation technology detection platform. It will comprehensively cover the fields of neuropathy, metabolic diseases, inflammation, cancer and safety evaluation targets. Heyan Biotech will further expand its service capacity in drug discovery to enhance Frontage's one-stop service capacity and capability in the field of drug discovery and development."

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