Singleron Unveils AccuraCode® TCR Kit for Streamlined T-Cell Profiling

14 September 2023 | Thursday | News

Singleron has announced the launch of its AccuraCode® TCR library construction kit for high-throughput T-cell receptor (TCR) profiling. It enables simultaneous analysis of hundreds of samples for T cell clonotypes, gene usage, V(D)J recombination patterns, and diversity, all supported by compatible bioinformatics pipelines.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The product is built upon Singleron's molecular barcoding technology, enabling multiplexing of 96 or 384 samples in a single library construction reaction. This new product significantly reduces the cost and time needed for large-scale TCR profiling. The AccuraCode TCR library construction kit empowers researchers to gain a clear picture of the dynamic changes in the adaptive immune system during health and diseases.  

Precision medicine requires an accurate understanding of the mechanisms underlying biological heterogeneity. T cells play a central role in our adaptive immune response. They continuously detect and fight pathogens and aberrant cells, safeguarding us from diseases. Therefore, identifying the active T cells that positively influence the course of a disease can pave the way for drug development and eventually lead to novel therapies.

In addition to its potential application in studying the adaptive immune system at the population level, AccuraCode TCR also facilitates research in biomarkers, drug targets, immunology, infectious disease, and autoimmunity. In cancer immunotherapy, its applications include profiling tumor infiltrating leukocytes and assessing their TCR diversity for personalized cancer immunotherapies.

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